SCM Network’s goal is to help companies to grow and develop their overall organisational Supply Chain and Data Centre capability. We train and coach at all levels helping the organisation to drive innovation and increase business effectiveness.

In a time when ensuring your team contains the right supply chain and data skills is critical, attracting, retaining and growing your talent becomes paramount. Skills need to be updated and people need to be engaged and empowered to become leaders and innovators.

Supported by our training and development programme, your teams will get the practical skills they need to help you align your supply chain and data centre strategy to customer and business needs and effect the processes and governance required to deliver it.

When the world’s most serious companies need to transform their Supply Chain or Data Centre capabilities, they can turn to SCM Networks. Based on the strengths of our trainers and our network of supply chain and data centre expertise we can teach and coach your team to achieve your supply chain and data centre objectives.

We have some of the best expertise available to educate, train and coach organisation to clarify supply chain and data centre objectives, develop implementation programmes and measure results.

In addition to our open training courses, we can customise our training and education methods for in-house company training and will integrate with your existing continuous professional management development training programmes.

We will help you to combine your ideas with our experience and expertise into hard objectives for aligning Supply Chain and Data Centre objectives with your business strategies.

Where appropriate we will continue working with you by mentoring and advising on the implementation of the supply chain and Data centre changes you identify.

SCM Networks offers different types and levels of training in order to help companies build and develop their internal capabilities. Please find below information on how we can help your organisations improve your Supply Chain and Data Centre Operations:

Open courses – variety of Supply Chain Management and Data Centre Operations subjects

Develop your people’s skills to the level you need to deliver effective supply chains and data centre career development. Our ‘Professional Development Training Programme’ offers a wide range of courses tailored for middle & senior management through to Board Level.

Customised internal training

Our in-house custom training can be aligned to help your team solve their specific current supply chain and data centre challenges by developing and coaching cross functional teams to work collaboratively on those issues.

We work closely with you to understand your specific issues, and our experienced trainers and coaches will work to develop the required content, design and project management.

Our input can be a one-off activity to help you get started or a series of interventions to help you maintain progress to timely objectives.

Blueprint for a fully bespoke Supply Chain and Data Centre of the future

Our team have extensive experience in designing and implementing international supply chain and data centre projects. We can help your executives define and align your requirements and can act as the designers, trainers and coaches to help you create a supply chain and data centre that offers real competitive advantage.

Through site visits, interviews and workshops we provide an end to end diagnosis which aids the development of a fully planned and blueprinted internal Supply Chain and data centre training and coaching programme for your company.

To find out more, please contact us on +44 (0) 20 3998 2238.


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